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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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allegations from a hotel maid leading to the downfall of one of the world's most powerful men. >> new information about the accuse are raising major questions about her credibility. here at home, police are trying to figure out how a 5- year-old boy got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot his 4- year-old friend. fox 5 morning news continues right now.
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straight up 6:00 as we take a lack at the horizon this morning. it is july 1st. welcome to the seventh month of 2011. glad you're with us this morning. temperature pushing 70 degrees. thank you for watching fox 5 morning news. let's get right to our weather now with tucker barnes. a beautiful day in store. >> any time you take humidity out of the mick in washington in july, you are talking about a nice day. we are going to warm up this weekend so heads up for that. we'll show you the weekend. let's get started with right now. and again, a few more clouds passing through overnight. let me mention if you are traveling today, julie will have more on that. at least weather will cooperate from boston down to virginia beach down to atlanta.
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quiet conditions. there are a few showers and thunderstorms out towards chicago. much of the country here will be quiet today. let's do some temperatures. 69 at reagan national. 71 in annapolis. leonardtown, good morning, you are 61 degrees. 55 in frederick. off to the north and west, martinsburg, 57. that is almost jacket weather for parts of the area. frederick, 55. open up a little bit and you can see the cool weather across the mid-atlantic. pittsburgh, 61. if you've got chicago on your map, it is 77. there is the leading tongue of the warmer air that will start to get in here as we get into particularly sunday but tomorrow, we'll be back into the 90s. sun you, warm today. we'll hold temperatures down a little bit. i think we'll be in the upper 80s again today. low humidity with plenty of sunshine. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright for the latest on the conditions on the roadways. >> all right. good morning once again. we'll start off with the crew in sky fox.
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i believe they are hovering above the baltimore-washington parkway near powder mill road. for you guys coming in and northbound, i should say together and northbound on the bw parkway, you will find traffic volume moving at speed. no intsd to report in either direction as you travel between 695 and 495. -- no incidents to report. all of your lanes are open there toward the third street tunnel. no incidents to report on the outbound side as you continue out towards the exit for the bw parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the case against dominique takeru kobayashi -- strauss- kahn appears to be falling apart. >> there are major holes in the story of the housekeeper who accused him of sexual assault. they point to inconsistencies in her story about the attack as well as details contained in
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her asylum application. strauss-kahn's attorneys will be back in court today trying to get their client's strict bail conditions eased. top stories here in the area, one person is dead. at least two others hurt after a stabbing at the university town center in hyattsville. this happened during a massive brawl last night. the shopping center a popular hangout for young people. witnesses say there were between 25 and 30 youngsters involved in the fight. prince george's county police also investigating a shooting that happened at a playground. >> this morning, they are trying to figure out how a 5- year-old got a gun. fox 5's sherry ly is on the story. she joins us from police headquarters in palmer park. >> sarah, police are still trying to figure that out. how did this five-year-old get that done and who did it belong to? witnesses say it looked like a smaller 22 caliber handgun. police believe he got it
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somewhere at home. the 4-year-old who was shot did survive but neighbors can't help but wonder who would have happened if he had been shot in the head or in the heart. the 4-year-old who was shot was on the playground at an apartment complex in hillcrest heights around 3:45 yesterday afternoon when he got shot. a neighbor called 911 after the child ran back to his apartment. police say they found the five- year-old who pulled the trigger and the gun he used in that apartment. >> we just heard the big boom, like a big shot. so my son came in the house, i got shot, it hurtsism took him upstairs and just cleaned the wound. >> reporter: the 4-year-old was taken to children's hospital but his wounds are not considered life-threatening. police did question the shooter's parents as well as those who had access to the apartment trying to figure out just who owns this gun because,
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in maryland, it is illegal to leave a loaded firearm in some place where an unsupervised child under the age of 16 could get their hand on it. that is the latest here in palmer park. back to you. >> thank you. an update now on the corruption scandal in prince george's county. county council woman leslie johnson faces more than a year in prison. she needed guilty yesterday admitting that when her husband, then county executive jack johnson, called on her, she followed his instructions to plush a $100,000 developers check down the toil the the and hid more than $79,000 in cash in her undergarments. >> i made a mistake for which i today accepted responsibility for my conduct. >> that it wasn't a surprise to her that there was cash in the house and that that cash had been generated by some unlawful source and that it would be a problem if it were found by the federal agents. >> mrs. johnson says she plans to stay on her job until she is
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sentenced in october. >> coming up income, -- next, a southwest night forced to make an emergency landing when one of the engines went out.
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south a southwest airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing. the flight was on its way to phoenix when one of the engines failed. plane landed safely in phoenix. no word on canada caused the engine to fail. a security breach raising major questions about airport and airline screening procedures. last week, a nigerian american who lives in the u.s. was able to board a virgin america flight at jfk in new york using another passenger's, pierd boarding pass. the flight crew didn't realize he was on board the flight to l.a. until he was found sitting in a
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seat that was supposed to be empty. man was charged with being a stowaway on board an air raft. -- board an aircraft. the senate has canceled the july 4th holiday. the nation's treasury secretary says he will stay on the job for the foreseeable future. there had been speculation that timothy geithner would leave the administration after the current round of negotiations. one big tourist attraction ran into a bit of a problem yesterday. >> how is that long weekend forecast looking? we'll check in with tucker when we come back. 
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a 10-year-old girl recovering from a shark bite last sunday, cassidy cartwright was standing in water about three and a half feet deep in north carolina. she said she felt something pulling at her leg. she thought somebody was playing around. the shark bit her once on the leg and bit her again. she is still in the hospital recovering in chapel hill. doctors were able it save her leg. hope you are up for a awork outif you want to visit -- hope you are up for a workout if you want to visit the washington monument. more than a dozen people were trapped in an elevator that was out of service. folks till at the top had to walk down. we are waiting to hear whether or not the elevator will be up and working. >> in the tight confines and the humidity out there, that was not a fun hike inside that monument. >> and talker and i haven't
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been in there. it is not click climate controlled in there? >> it has been a while. >> i have trouble looking up some of the longer escalators in the metro. not sure i'm going to make it. if you are going to do that hike, bring lots of water because, even though the humidity won't be too bad, we'll have plenty of heat around here later today. upper 80s back in the forecast. the last couple of days, if you are out in the sunshine, even with the low humidity, it still feels pretty warm but nothing too extreme. >> the temperatures are going up and the humidity with it? >> of course. because we have a holiday weekend so we have to celebrate washington style. that means lots of heat and lots of humidity. lots of sunshine expect today. one or two clouds expected during the course of the day today. much like the last few days, it should be very nice out for you and any time it is friday, julie wright will tell you that is a good day. code orange air quality. that is a big change.
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some moderate air quality so take it easy out there. i think the air quality will be deteriorating as we get into the weekend as we have more heat and humidity around here particularly tomorrow. the humidity will remain in check today. as we get into the overnight hours and tomorrow, the humidity will start to creep up as our winds will be shifting out of the south and it will be downright hot around here by sunday and the fourth of july looks hot. that is typical. low to mid-90s around here for the fourth of july. could be an isolated thunderstorm late in the day on the 4th but most of the region i think will be dry here as we'll have a frontal system come through late in the day on sunday. 69 now at reagan national. that is coolest we've been so far overnight. leonardtown, you are 61 degrees. baltimore, a very comfortable 60. lots of 50s. 57 in manassas. 57 in one chester. haven't had much to show you the last couple of days on the satellite-radar. it has been so quiet. look at that. one or two clouds out there to start your day. out to the west, high pressure blocking anything from trying to get in here from actually
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making it. it will be nice and dry later today. there are a few showers and a warm front out towards chicago. chicago's temperatures right now in the mid-70s. so some of that warmer air will get in here starting later tonight and tomorrow as we are back in the 90s for the weekend. there is your forecast. sunshine, bright, beautiful, warm this afternoon. 88-degree with winds out of the north at about five miles per hour. there is the code orange air quality. later tonight, we're just not going to cool off quite as much as we have the last couple of mornings. it will be beautiful, clear skies, overnight hoes in the upper 60s. a few degrees warmer than this morning. there are your winds, shifting to the south at about five miles per hour. a hot weekend, 93 tomorrow. 95 on sunday. look out. we could have some heat advisories by sunday and monday. heat indexes will be pushing 100. let's do some on-time traffic and has the great escape started? >> not yet. i think everybody is packing
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things up, the swimsuit, the suntan oil, the sunblock and the cooler full of nutty buddies. that is what is in my cooler. >> i bet it is. that is the only thing in your car. >> that's right. and the swimsuit. i don't want to scare the children. on the roads this morning, the crew in sky fox is with us checking out your drive along 270. i believe that is where we'll find them as you head southbound making your way headed out to the lane divide. look pretty good right now. don't forget, now is the time to go. not only is it cooler for the drive but it is not as busy. our busiest travel times are expected between noon and 6:00 this evening. so if you can, scoot out of work early, pack up the kids and get going. no incident to report right now on 270 both north and southbound traffic flowing freely between mva and the beltway. we'll take it back inside. the outer loop looks pretty good right now. no incidents reported leaving college park as you look right into the sunshine. outer loop looks good leaving college park headed over towards bethesda. no incidents to report out on 66 as you work your way in from
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man as is towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. several new laws go into effect today in the area. man having to do with alcohol. they include virginia's zero tolerance policy. anybody 21 or younger convicted of driving while intoxicated will have their license suspended for a year and either a minimum fine of $500 or 50 hours of community service. now to maryland where the alcohol tax is set to go up today. you will pay an extra three cents for every dollar you spend on beer, wine and liquor. and tucker is not happy about that. the tax hike is expected to raise about $85 million a year. this is maryland's first alcohol specific tax increase in 38 years. our business beat is next. we have the latest developments out on the dominique strauss- kahn case. the prosecution now questioning the credibility of the hotel maid who is accusing the former imf chief of sexual assault. as we go to break, they've
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only got them out west but in n out burger ranks number one. it is number one on the list of best burger chains in the first ever fast food rankings released by consumer reports for best mexican food, readers picked chipotle. i would have to agree pretty good morning texased for chicken, chick-fil-a is the winner there. >> another good choice. >> readers ranked chains on their prices, their speed and politeness of employees. i'm hungry right now. we'll be right back. what r r lt
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big news in the case against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn n a minute, let's take a look at
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the market. lauren simonetti joins us in new york. four straight. let's make it five in a row. >> yes, futures are heading up. it has been a phenomenal week. awful quarter, phenomenal week for stocks. we are starting the seng and half of the year on july 1st in positive territory. hope any, these gains will continue. steve, can i tell you that you can go forth and prosper. >> go forth being the key. thank you. we talked about dominique strauss-kahn. this is something that has affected his life. now prosecutors possibly ready to throw this one out? >> possibly. there is a hearing today in a lower manhattan courthouse where the former imf chief will try to get a substantial reduction in his $6 million bail out. he is accused of raping or trying to rape a maid in a new york city hotel. they will try to get that substantial reduction today. there is talk that the maid's credibility is at stake. was she telling the full truth.
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so we'll find out. but this certainly shakes up the race for the presidency of france. dsk, as we call him, was one of the top contenders. now, with this drama maybe being averted, maybe he could continue to run. >> huge implications from a newsstand pointment does this mean he will have to move out of that insanely expensive town house he has been living in? >> yes, steve, you are so crafty. a 5-year-old with a gun shoots a 4-year-old. now, police are trying to figure out how that youngster got the gun in the first place. we've got the latest on the investigation when fox 5 morning news continues.
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here is where a lot of folks get backed up as they try to get across the bridge through pretty much any weekend but the holiday weekend especially. good time to go right no for you are headed to the shore -- good time to go right now if you are headed to the shore. >> if you are going now, you would be there by 9:30 maybe. >> depending on how fast you drive. >> to the shore you mean? >> yeah. >> not to the toll booth. >> no, you could be at the beach. i'll have the forecast coming up. let's concentrate on our local weather and we are in for more of the same today and it has been absolutely perfect around here for the end of june and today the first of july as we get into the afternoon hours. all right. we'll start with the current temperatures and then we'll look at more temperatures. 69 right now at reagan
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national. again, nice and cool overnight. 55 in frederick. 59 out at dulles. 63 in ocean city. 57 in win hester. let's take another look. we'll switch maps and here are your local conditions at reagan national. notice the humidity. only 65%. that is quite low for this time of day. our dew point temperatures should start relatively low today. lots of sunshine, a little warmer than yesterday. 88degrees. but still no rain, no thunderstorm activity insight. it will be the end of the weekend before we have that threat back. more details on the forecast, a look at the beach. we've got a great weather guy submission, a video submission today and we've got a special guest coming in. this will be an extravaganza coming up. >> we do it big on a friday. >> we have extra time for it even. >> even better. >> perfect time to get out there for your holiday. let's check in with julie
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wright and traffic. >> no troubles yet. we do find lanes are open in you are traveling the beltway at the wilson bridge. 50 looks great in each direction at the toll plaza headed for the bay bridge. no incidents to report over on the eastern shore. crew in sky fox with us right now. they are checking out your drive along 66 at the beltway. the lanes are open as you travel eastbound leaving vienna headed towards 495. no problems to report on the dulles toll road as you travel in from 28. we'll continue now with our cameras and show you that 66 coming in from man -- manassas , easy drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. deadly violence at a maryland shopping plaza a one pen is dead and two others hurt after a stabbing at the university town center in hyattsville. this happened one of the past
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7:00 last night. the center is a popular hangout for young people and witnesses say the stabbing took place during a massive brawl between 25 and 30 youngsters. no word on any suspects or arrests so far. an alarming reminder to all who keep guns inside their homes. a shooting at a local playground. police say it was a 5-year-old who pulled the trigger. >> this happened in a hillcrest heights neighborhood and fox 5's sherry ly has latest from prince george's county police headquarters on the investigation. what is the late ?eft. >> sarah sand steve, police have questioned the parents of that five-year-old boy as well as anyone else who may have had access to the apartment after he say he took that gun and shot a 4-year-old boy. the shooting happened on the playground at an apartment complex on 23rd parkway and hillcrest heights. witnesses heard the gunshot afternoon yesterday. the 4-year-old ran into an apartment where a neighbor called 911 and helped to dress the bleeding wound. he was taken to children's
6:34 am
hospital. the bullet went through the child's up are torso, the wound not life-threatening. police say they found the five- year-old boy who pulled the trigger inside his apartment with the gun. police are still trying to figure out how that 5-year-old got the gun and how it belonged to. that person likely will face criminal charges. it is illegal in maryland to leave a loaded firearm in a place where an unsupervised mild under the age of 16 in a get their hands on it. a witness says that the gun and to be a smaller 2 # caliber handgun. at this point again, police do not know who the gun belongs to but believe the boy got it somewheren side his home. neighbors can't help but wonder who would have happened if the 4-year-old shb shot in the head or the heart -- had been shot
6:35 am
in the head or the heart. back to you. now to the latest on the crux scandal in prince george's county. county council woman -- on the corruption scandal in prog county. lessee l. less-- leslie johnson pleaded guilty yesterday admitting when her husband called on her, she followed his instruction to flush a $100,000 developer's check down the toilet and hid more than $79,000 in cash in her undergarments. thinking about heading effort to movies for the holiday weekend? >> a much-anticipated release is out in theaters. transformers 3 directed by a guy known for doing everything big. but is it worth the big ticket price? movie reviewer kevin mccarthy joining us coming up next to tell us all about it when we return.
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welcome back. the holiday weekend kicks off with one of most anticipated action movies of the summer but if you prefer a quieter one out there, that is also an option for you. kevin mccarthy here from wap. >> how you doing? >> good. how are you? >> great to see you as always. >> there are a couple of pretty good films coming out and transformers 3 a huge one. we showed your interview earlier with john malkovich. both steve and i he is still even creepy. >> he is john malkovich in real life as he is in the movies. it makes sense when you meet the guy. he is a fascinating actor. you go back to his original career. he has a quirky role in this movie. >> here is the deal. i consider myself a critic who -- i appreciate action films regardless of their -- if there is script problems, dialogue problems being bad asking. i can turn my brain off and appreciate beautiful action
6:40 am
that michael bay shows us in these films. transformer, drk of the monday is not a great fill. it is a great experience. you walk into this movie, you turn your brain off and you enjoy the ask he has created for you. it dates back to the space race and a fictional story. we went to the moon because of an alien crash site landing n that alien crash, there was a -- we'll call it an artifact that got into the wrong hands and it could destroy earth. there are good and bad transformers. it gets into the hands of the bad transformers. it's generic plot line -- >> and convoluted even to hear you talk about it. >> it is very nerdy. all you have to know that is the autobots are on the good
6:41 am
guys and the action scenes take place. the 3-d, i absolutely despise 3- d. i have for the past two days. ever since gamed james cameron came out with avatar, everything has been in 3-d. what james cameron created was this depending of field experience where you feel like you are looking into the window the new world. what michael bay has done here is taken james cameron's technology for after tar, which in my opinion, all it was was dances with wolves, ferngully and pocohontas in 3-d. he has created more depth of field. there are these beautiful immersive scenes in chicago where transformers are coming down the street in the background. there are others in the foreground and you can see the weapons firing at them. there is this beautiful depth of field and you feel like you are looking at the streets of chicago. it is gorgeous. >> if you just want the action film, you know what you're getting into so don't be
6:42 am
expecting some plot line that is magnificent because you said there were some people that said they were not very impressed by it. >> you can't walk into this movie expecting an oscar film. you got to take your oscar glasses off. you won't have a plot line that is very cohesive and it is very convoluted at times. the action scenes, the last 60 minutes is one gigantic acting scene. it is very well done. beautifully orchestrated. go for the action. turn your brain off. i gave it a if you are out of five entertainment-wise. another cute one coming out, larry crowne. i like the cast in it. tom hanks and julia roberts are in it. >> tom hanks directed this movie. the a very smart, very safe, very witty movie. you are not going to go home and say that was a fantastic movie up feel good when you walk out. tom hank' character is fire from his job. he goes back it college.
6:43 am
he is fired because he has no college education and he ends up falling for his teacher played by jewel what roberts. nothing special here. -- played by jewel what roberts. nothing special here -- played by julia roberts. >> tom hanks and julia roberts have perfect chemistry. i would see it as a matinee or maybe other than a rental. it is a fun, witty movie but it is very safe, played it safe. >> all right. kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan. thank you for womaning in. >> follow me on twitter. and this monday morning on fox 5, can you check out my interviews with tyrese and patrick dempsey from transformers. >> we'll have kevin come in to answer our weather questions about how to get over jet lag when you fly around the world every week. >> i know. >> what's going on outside? >> yesterday, daytime highs
6:44 am
were in the 80s. low humidity back in the forecast for the remainder of the day and then the heat arrives this weekend. >> today will be nice at least. >> steamy heat. i want to start with the beach forecast and a lot of people are heading out of town. no better time than this weekend as we are expecting a lot of sunshine down there. should be a beautiful weekend. ocean city, saturday's daytime high in the mid-80s. upper 80s on sunday at both bethany and owe hen city. your best chance to see a storm will be sunday afternoon second half of the day. i think late in the day, sunday, we got a chance if a few thunderstorms down at the beaches. check out the water temperatures. 74degrees. that is down a degree from yesterday. still, that is in the comfortable range. rehoboth up towards cape may looks just fine. julie wants to know about what is happening in virginia beach you look fine too. up and down the eastern seaboard as we get into the weekend. best chance of a thunderstorm on sunday. let's get down to business, the business of some cool temperatures. very nice out there. 69 right now at reagan
6:45 am
national. 61 in gaithersburg. 59degrees in frederick, dulles, manassas, 57 in martinsburg. couldn't ask if nicer weather. the 1st of july now. -- couldn't ask for nice are weather. annapolis, 71 degrees. here is satellite-radar. haven't had a lot to show you the last several days. got a few clouds out there at the moment. a mostly sunny day today. a few clouds will stream through from time to time t should be dry today. high pressure will keep us try here for another couple of days. we have warmer air off to the south and that will start to come in here later tomorrow. temperature back into the upper 80s but as we get into the weekend, here we go again. 88 later today. 68 your overfight low so temperatures will be up again overnight. 93 tomorrow with increasing humidity. steam bath by sunday being we're likely to have heat advisories with temperatures in the mid-90s.
6:46 am
might be a thunderstorm bringing us some relief late in the day on sunday and again on monday. this is kind of typical fare to washington for the first weekend of july. so we're used to it. nothing we can't handle. it is time for ask the weather guys. that is the incredibly interesting segment where tony perkins and i put our famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. we've got another video question submission today from the children at a beloved start day care. here is the question from shakira and amber. >> hi, fox 5. we and the children were wondering what to he do with all the courtroom drawings? >> they are asking what happens
6:47 am
with courtroom drawings? i'm not sure why -- why they're watching that much. >> perhaps this watching a little court tv. >> we have brought in none other than mr. bill hennessey, an expert. he has brought us images from some of the high profile cases in recent history. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate the question. >> we want to get to the bottom of it. what happens to the courtroom trawgz. >> i own the courtroom drawings. i have them going back about 30 years. i have abeen doing this for just about 30 years. and the television buys the right to air them. the ownership of the drawing remains with me. i have them. it is about 5,000 drawings i've estimated if you can believe it stored in my studio. some have been purchase-worthy. lawyer or someone who appreciates the subject matter has collected them so they've purchased the drawing outright. but otherwise, i have them.
6:48 am
>> you answered the question. the other question is do you get paid for your work. do you get paid from the people who air them or the attorney who purchase them. have you ever had any individuals who has wanted to buy your artwork. >> i have had several people purchase. it used to be a daily situation where i would go to a courtroom case. but it is less frequent anymore. but i'm hoping to take my experience, 0 years of being -- 0 years of, in a court, 30 years of working in television and take my career in other paths. i am still occasionally in the courtroom. >> a fascinating question. how long does it take to you draw the typical artist's sketch here? >> it all depends. it is dictated by the story, whether it is happening in an arraignment which will last minutes.
6:49 am
if at a trial, it is lasting all day. it is dictated by the news media and the crew out front. >> that answers the questions too. some of the qidz wantedded to know, if you draw in all of the cases. it just dictates whenever the news media is interested in. >> i am happily willing to draw in every case that there is. but i need someone who has asked me to go. >> president clinton here. >> this was clinton's grand jury testimony and that was done as an artist's conception because we want there for that one. that was something when the television can't get images. television is about images. so when they don't have a camera in there, then i provide that. >> let me ask you this. sarah and i have been fortunate to watch you in action in court over the years and it is amazing the detail that you can put out there in such a short amount of time. my question is throughout the length of the trial, how do you decide which scene to portray? >> it goes down to what type of
6:50 am
case is being covered. but when something happens in the court, it becomes evident that that is an amazing image and that is what you need to sketch. you go in with a certain expectation but you are always ready for something that develops unexpected. something that is part of the lawyer's plan to surprise us all with some piece of evidence or antic. >> now, bill was giving me a little background on how he got started. i think it is fascinating and i think college students should pay close attention. >> it is worth noting that i was actually in painting class. i was in my master's program over at au here in d.c. and the secretary came to the door and said there is a tv station, channel 5, wants to know if someone will go 0 years ago into a courtroom and draw. i jumped at it figuring there would be a bunch us and i was like the only one with my hand up. >> that was a pretty good move along time ago. >> it was a great move. and the rest is history, as
6:51 am
they say. thirty years of doing courtroom art since then. that was pretty remarkable. >> that is a better answer than just you had a lot of experience in court as a youngster. fortunately, that part is not true. >> so i got one pore question for you. has a defendant ever requested one of your drawings? >> more than one defendant has requested my drawings. usually i tell them why don't we talk after it is over because you may think differently. frequent will you, they end up getting convicted and they have other things on their mind. >> you don't want to frame that one. >> probably not. >> you brought in your book. we were fortunate to have bill here when you first put the book out. it is good to have you back again. if you get a chance it pick up the book, did he it, look through it, hopefully you get a chance to take it home too. do you have a favorite that you've drawn over the years. that is tough to call. >> i have a lot of memorable
6:52 am
cases and i would say covering 9-11 was probably one of the most memorable but that is some recall. so it all depends. i focus on 16 separate cases and you can get information at courtroom on the book. but i also -- there is so much of that covered that there is a whole back section on the whole 30 years sort of in small snippets. >> fascinating stuff. >> youngsters, raise your hand, volunteer. you never know what opportunity is down the line. appreciate that. >> we appreciated your work over the years as well. >> thank you. you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and a great big thank you from beloved start day care for your video submission. we encourage you to send in your own. >> maybe he will draw some nutty buddies for you if you can't get the real thing.
6:53 am
researchers at the university of texas-san antonio found people who drank diet water saw a greater increase in their waist size compared to those who did not drink diet soda. >> listen up, red wine drinkers. researchers simulated he weightlessness on rats to see how they were affected by inactivity. one group received an antioxidant found in red wine. the other group received nothing. that group showed a decrease in muscle mass and strength but
6:54 am
the group that got the anticipate objection don't showed no loss at all. if you want an ice cream experience like no other, this may be it. holly this morning live in northwest showing us what goes into making a 77-dollar sundae. we'll tell what you is involved in that coming up. 
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. good morning. i'm holly morris. happy holiday weekend. it's beginning to be super hot. we have had a hot summer already. we may have found the ultimate solution in georgetown. only open for a month.
6:58 am
they opened in vegas and now they are finally here in our area. one of their specialties is indeed frozen treats. i think we're going for the treasure chest. you can only get it at this location. it has cake and berries and ice cream and more. we are going to make it from scratch. doesn't he look like he's made to serve ice cream? it's going to be a good friday
6:59 am
head into a holiday weekend. >> don't think anything if i happen to be in that area around that time. more sweet treats are ahead today at 9:00. willy jolly is here to talk about an event and promoting the importance of reading to children. that does it for the 6:00 hour. now let's send it over to steve and tony. good morning. coming up, police are trying to figure out how a 5-year-old boy got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot his 4-year- old friend. all of this happening at an apartment complex playground. a live report is coming up. he managed to get through airport security with an old boarding pass. he did it twice. this morning there are a lot of questions for tsa. the latest on this story coming
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